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Ready to learn how you can HEAL YOURSELF so that you can find happiness and excitement in your life?

The LightWorkers Path:

-Learn fully trust your intuition to help guide everyday life decisions

-Activate your Unique Healing Gifts

-Learn techniques with different modalities for deep healing & growth 

-Enhance and Grow your Spiritual Abilities and Self for Spiritual Healing/Growth/Knowledge

-Have Direct Access to me for answers/guidance any of your spiritual questions during this program.


It is an online or in person program that assists with deep healing and growth with yourself and how to assist with others by accessing your unique gifts, learning to access different modalities (akashic records, ancestry work, past life work, wounded inner child work) and finding your purpose

How this works: 1 workshop is 3 hours long and each workshop is every 4 weeks totalling 10 workshops. These workshops are 1 on 1 so that we can be very specific to what is of your highest good as an individual.


If you so choose, or feel this is your calling, you can continue on to the advanced workshops in which you can become a gifted healer yourself and heal others!

WARNING: This program WILL change your life for your highest good. Join if you are ready to take that next step:)

  • Build a stronger Spiritual Foundation

  • Learn how to work with Your Ancestors for Familial Pattern/ Family Karma Healing

  • Access the Akashic Records (the library of the energetic records or your soul's past, present, future) and learn how to use it for your soul's growth!

  • See below for more information

For more information about the program, call, text, or email me.

Topics Covered

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Balancing Techniques

  • Auric Field

  • Discovering Your Purpose

  • Vows/Gifts

  • Chakra Clearing: Clearing Issues

  • No-No’s to energetic work

  • Receiving messages

  • 4 Energetic Bodies (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual)

  • Release Emotions by Breath

  • Clearing Food

  • Removing Burdens

  • Cutting Cords

  • Creating a Spiritual Union

  • Protection

  • Stepping into your Power

  • Working with Past Lives

  • Journeys: Meeting higher self, Plant Spirit, Past lives, Finding Inner Self, & More

  • Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies

  • Creating SACRED Space

  • Balancing Light Body

  • Healing Karmic Past Lives

  • Healing Fear

  • Working with Ancestors

  • Working with your Angels, Guides, Spirits

  • Removing Programming

  • Creating a Fort of Protection

  • Healing the Womb

  • Shadow Aspects of yourself

  • Activations

  • Healing Wounded Inner Child

  • Healing Family Karma

  • & More 

What people are saying...

The LightWorker's Path Program changed my life. I had zero trust in myself before I started working with Lauren. I have transformed in a way that I can relax my body, trust what i am tuning into, and trust in my abilities. Also, because my vibration has changed so much, amazing people are coming into my life that match this new vibration.

Faye Kovler

Boulder, CO

The ancestral encounter with my relative was a new experience for me. Lauren's approach is very different from other spirit mediums, in that she empowered ME to have direct contact with my ancestor and hear what he had to say. I don't know how she does it, but Lauren creates the space for the spirit to come, and for me to DIRECTLY encounter him or her.

Sonya Shannon

Colorado Springs

Lauren is truly amazing! I always feel open and free after each session. She has guided me along my own path with love and light.

Celene Butler

Arvada, CO

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