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Create Change.


Please be aware. We are not here to harm but rather to teach. I am here to explain the situation. I am here to let you know that it will be okay. Okay to love. Okay to express yourself freely. For the time has come to change. This change is good. Really good. It’s great. For we are here to show you how to change. How to take that leap of faith which seems so far away. For it is not far. Just a mere image of your imagination. In which case, you can change that image to make this leap a small step by the will of thought if you choose. If you feel that leap is too great. For nothing is too great. Not with the power of source. The impossible is possible.

So take that leap. Or first change it to a small step then place that one foot in front of you. You shall see how the world will change by just your one foot forward. Then continue forward. Watch the world unfold before your very eye. Your beautiful eye. First then, create that image in your mind. Then see the action in your reality. For that will change your life. An everlasting life to all eternity.

So, here are the simple steps to do this:

Create a thought of you taking a step towards the light. Source light. Reach that foot forward with ease. Place it in front of you. Then and only then can you start to move forward. This may sound basic but that is all that is needed to take that step. Do it first. Focus yourself not on the step, but on your breath.

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