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It's Not What They are Lacking, It is What You Cannot Find Within Yourself.

My experiences have been drastic lately, trying to get my soul ready for the new year and what's to come. It has been a purge for me. One thing after another. Daily self-work.

In today's world, a shift began . We learn quicker than centuries ago. We no longer have to go through the burden of learning our life lessons the hard way. We can simply learn from others by choosing.

With my lessons, I no longer face hardships to learn the hard way. I promised myself to look into things that push my buttons and find out why they push my buttons. Where is it stemming from?

Here lies another life lesson I just recently grew from:

I absolutely love my boyfriend of 3 years. So, why are things coming up now? Life lessons. However, I know this has nothing to do with him. He is unaware that he taught the past few lessons.

Lately, I have been feeling he is all masculine instead having balance. I received many messages showing me that. I also saw it in my dreams.

One morning I laid in bed, and it just clicked again. With all of these lessons that came up telling me to look inward, why have I not asked if I am more masculine, if I suppress my feminine side.

As I laid there, I asked source what is of my highest benefit to know surrounding this issue. Immediately I saw a vision of myself in chains around my hands, feet, and neck, acting like a savage. I was chained to a wall. I knew it was my feminine side of me. I went up to my feminine aspect and asked her how long she had been chained up. She told me about the last 5 lifetimes. With that being said, I know I lived quite a few lifetimes as a warrior. One that cannot show weakness. That warrior past life showed itself multiple times in this lifetime. So, it made sense that my feminine side had been chained up for that long. For many believed that the feminine side showed weakness and weakness is not good for survival (which is not the case).

I then unchained her. Hugged her. Told her that I was no longer living that way, and it is safe. With the hug, I showed her how much I love her. I then worked on healing her (of course I'm not healing, I am just the vessel to which the healing comes). When she was ready, I integrated her back into soul.

Now, I no longer yearn for that feminine aspect and no longer expect my boyfriend to change. I am just here to coexist and to help foster the growth of the souls that seek my help. I am here to help, and therefore that is why I tell my story.

If anyone has any questions, or anything. Feel free to write me. You can find my information on my site. Thank you for reading this!

#lookingwithin #lifelessions #Feminineenergy

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