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Look Within for the Answers, there They Lie.

A big lesson I just recently learned played a major part in my growth. Here is the background to the story before I begin:

A few weeks ago, many different lessons where surfacing for me to learn and heal from. I learned over and over that everything was a reflection of me. The last few life lessons that arose showed me that everything REALLY is a reflection of myself because everything I finally found out that I needed to work on (some deep seated issues that I was unconsciously unaware of that surfaced), I saw in other people before I even knew the issue. It all made sense once things came to my conscious mind. With that said, here is the story.

I absolutely love my boyfriend and have been with him for over 3 years now. However, I felt we were missing something in our relationship recently. Love. He loves me like no other but I felt that sensual touch was not there although he touches me all the time with love. I thought it was because he’s not very spiritual and because he is more masculine than balanced. I kept thinking about what I felt he was lacking and was worried about our relationship. How do we have a relationship if I feel he’s lacking something that is very important to me? (side note: feeling this lack is something new to our relationship).

One day I was talking to a friend about the circumstances. After I hung up the phone with her, it just clicked. I kept looking outside when everything is within us. I kept seeing what my boyfriend was lacking when it is me who is actually lacking it. I finally understood. I am what I see in other people. I am lacking what I see others are lacking. It was time to turn to myself and look inward.

When I was searching inward and asking source what I need to do to feel that love that I am lacking, I saw a vision of a past life with my arms raised above my head acting as a shield with this golden light coming down. I knew it was love. I was shielding source’s love, thinking I can handle this on my own. The love that I felt I was lacking. After I asked source to heal that, I immediately got a rush of that love that I felt I was lacking. I felt it surge through my body. I knew then to continue to be aware and to look inward instead of outward. To know that everything is a reflection of myself.

Is that love lacking in our relationship now? No. I am filled with that love and do not depend on that love from my boyfriend. Instead, we coexist together teaching each other every single day and sending love to each other but not depending on the other's love to be fulfilled.

My intention for this blog is to shed some insight. To help souls grow and be fulfilled. I hope my experience can be of help to those who need it.


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