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Lower Vibrational Thought/Idea


Thoughts are creative ideas either inserted into our head from others or are buried deep within us from previous experiences. We create our thoughts and our thoughts create our reality. Therefore, thoughts are the building blocks and we are all a collective of our thoughts. If we change our thoughts to higher vibrational thoughts, we'll receive those higher vibrations. If we call out with our thoughts for lower vibrational energy, we then call that energy to us. For we are what we create and what we create can elevate us.

So, Lauren removes the lower vibrational thought/s to begin the momentum that is needed for change. You see, one step can create that momentum that then causes a continuum of change. Change that is for the better. Change that will bring about fulfillment. We deserve happiness therefore we ought to create it. We create it by ridding ourselves of lower vibrations which begins with thoughts, which then turn to beliefs. Let us start from that one thought. It is easier for change to switch directions before the change occurs and our reality is already made. Let us stand firm and know that we can make that change. Let Lauren show you the way to do just that and you will see an exponential leap toward your highest purpose.

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