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 to the one and only REVOLUTIONARY spiritual ACCELERATOR PROGRAMS in the known universe to skyrocket you to live in complete ABUNDANCE + RAPID MANIFESTATION + LIVING YOUR SOUL'S PURPOSE & dream life!


This Program includes comprehensive highly experienced spiritual mentorship, weekly accountability, personalized coaching support, and group community.


What you can accomplish in 3 years doing your own self-growth can be accomplished in 1 year OR LESS in here going at your own pace and working on your own time!



Who is the LWA for?

Those of us who want to...

Heal ...

Accelerate & Gain...

  • Past Wounds

  • Loss

  • Isolation & Loneliness

  • Karmic Patterns and Cycles

    • Familial​

    • Galactic

  • Physical Ailments

  • Disowned Parts of Self (Shadow Side)

  • Financial Abundance

  • Powerful Spiritual Tools

  • Shamanic Journeys

  • Unconditional Love & Acceptance

  • Career Fulfillment

  • Balance in All Areas of Your Life

  • Material Prosperity

  • Clear Direction and Guidance

  • Heightened Abundance in All Areas of Life

  • Direct Connection with Guides

  • Unique Spiritual Gifts and Magic

  • Celestial & Earthly Inner Wisdom

  • Access to Higher Dimensions

  • Connection to the Cosmos

  • Alignment with Heart & Soul

  • Clarity

  • Living Soul Purpose & Dream Life

  • Forgiveness of Self & Others

  • Confidence

  • Divine Trust & Divine Truth

  • Freedom


  • Old Beliefs & Programming

  • Financial Burdens

  • Attachments

  • Pain

  • Lower Vibrational Stored Emotions

  • Limitations

  • Distrust

  • Control

What You Get In the LWA:

6 Months of:

  • Accountability Coaching

    • Blueprint of where you want to go and the exact steps to get there including monthly accountability calls and weekly to bi-weekly touch ups depending on what you need on your journey.

  • Customized Mentorship

    • Individual Coaching with me, Lauren Egle​, that also caters to your individualized healing gifts and needs

    • Assistance in unlocking and guiding you in these gifts/ bringing these gifts to the physical

  •  Continuous Growth

    • Weekly group zoom Calls with me or someone on my team to assist you what ever you are needing in which you can get 20 mins in that call just focused on you if you schedule a growth seat

    • Daily assistance in areas that you need with private FB group

    • Guidance with how to achieve your mission and help others

  • Support System

    • Daily support with what you are going through, throughout your journey with me and all of the other members in private FB Group, zoom calls, or monthly manifestation/creation circles.​

  • Outline:

    • Each week includes 3 live trainings and 2 zoom calls (liable to shift due to needs of group or holidays): Tuesday Zoom Call and L&H Training, Wednesday Zoom Training, Thursday Zoom Call and Zoom Training.

    • All calls and trainings are optional based on your life and if you feel to join

    • Zoom Trainings are posted in the Membership Portal where you have access to all the recorded video trainings to work on in your own time

Buddha Statue


  • Heighten your intuition with powerful techniques

  • Build your trust within yourself and your intuition

  • Direct guidance from your Intuition on demand

  • Training the mind

-Discover and Define your purpose in this lifetime and your roles in this 5D Ascension.

-Unlock and hone into your unique spiritual gifts so that you can use them on yourselves and others!

-Meet Your Celestial council to assist you in your purpose

heighten Your intuition
heal yourself & OTHERS:5D Version

-Heal Family Karma

-Heal Galactic Karma

-Stop Giving Away Your Enegy

-Heal Your Wounded Inner Child

-Inner Child Teaching

-Facing Your Fears

-Crystal Healing

-Dive Deeper Into Emotions

Increase your ability to manifest money, a beautiful-rewarding life, and more!


Manifest Abundance in:

-Your Career



-Your Life

Abundance +

Join in different meditations, journeys, and healings to assist you on your path ranging from finding inner peace to rediscovering yourself to breaking your heart walls to deepening Your spiritual roots

-Daily Routines

-Dealing With Major Life Changes

-Creating Boundaries

-Money Planning & Balance

-Financial Limitations & Beliefs

-Tackling Grief

-Healing The Emptiness

-Energetics Of Words

Meditations, Journeys & HEalings

-Work with Earth's Elements


-Akashic Records 

-Clearing Spaces

-Cutting Cords

-Letting Go Techniques

-Timelines (jumping)

-Working with Angelic Energy for protection

Techniques & Your Gifts

Connect Directly and work with:



-Celestial Beings

-Stone people

-Your Council

-Plant Spirits

-Animal Spirits

Connecting with your guides
sonya shannon.jpg

Lauren helped me identify root causes of ancestral patterning and connect many dots to pop into focus precisely what I need to see now.


- Sonya Shannon, Colorado

About Lauren Egle, Creator of LWA:

I know what it's like to feel like there is more to life but feel so incomplete on the inside and just living day by day trying to figure out what, if anything, makes you happy. I knew I was brought here to Earth to serve a purpose but I was not sure what.

So what did I do? Follow my heart. First finished nursing school with my RN. Next did yoga teacher training while working as a nurse. Nursing just wasn't fulfilling my deepest desires. Yet, everyone always spoke of how great it is that I am a nurse. However, I still felt empty. Like I was here to do more.

It wasn't until Peruvian Shamanic training, when I was doing really deep work on myself, that things really started to align for me. During it, I listened to my heart and guidance, which was opened up to me there, that I started to feel like I was on my path. That I had a direction and purpose of where to go.

I continued listening to my guidance and continued deep work on myself. After a little bit, I knew what one my purpose is... to show others what they are capable of so that they can really be in tune with their higher selves and find their purpose too. On top of that, aiding them to unlock their potentials and fast-track their growth. Not only that, it fast tracks them to fulfillment and happiness.


Education/ Certifications:

B.S.N., Registered Nurse

Certified Natural Health Professional- Trinity School of Natural Health

Master Herbalist- Trinity School of Natural Health

Certified Naturopath- Trinity School of Natural Health

4th Level Master Peruvian Shaman- 4 Winds

Certified 200hr Yoga Teacher- Core Power



She guided the process, but respects the client's own path of processing and sincerely encourages the client to choose what's best for them, in all ways. As a Reiki practitioner myself, I know that this is such an important aspect of healing--healers are facillators, that work -with- the client, and in doing so, they benefit the client more than if they otherwise projected their own process onto the client. I think of the old proverb, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Lauren walks her talk in empowering her clients to shine and prevail in their own unique ways.


Lauren helped me identify root causes of ancestral patterning and connect many dots to pop into focus precisely what I need to see now.
The ancestral encounter with my relative was a new experience for me. Lauren's approach is very different from other spirit mediums, in that she empowered ME to have direct contact with my ancestor and hear what he had to say. I don't know how she does it, but Lauren creates the space for the spirit to come, and for me to DIRECTLY encounter him or her.


I have grown in ways I never could have imagined. She’s intuitively gifted and I always feel a huge sense of relief after workshops. She’s an extremely effective  teacher and healer. I would highly recommend Earth N Balance!

Here's my story and yours could be something similar...

Wouldn't it be nice to begin your journey with

me during christmas.jpg
Image by Paula May
Lauren Egle 7.jpg

Just a normal girl...



Grew up trying to be like everyone else ... I didn't have superpowers. Didn't think I was anything special and struggled to find happiness and who I am.

who happened to follow her heart no matter how rough it got...

I found a healer that helped me get through college and what I was going through. Always following my heart, had this strong feeling after working with him to take an energy course. It changed my life.

and because of it, became her own healer in ways she could never imagine!

Now, I am living my dream. I am the happiest & most comfortable in my own skin since I learned how to access and trust in my intuition, learned how to heal myself (with god/universe) despite the hardships of life, and am now assisting thousands of others on their journey! And now, I have no limits on what I access and do spiritually. We can teach you to reach your potential too!

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