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Life Purpose or Direction

Ever wonder why you don't feel fulfilled? Like your life is missing something but you can't seem to put a finger on it?


It's like a circus with merry-go rounds going around and around and you are spinning, searching for the way out of the confusion and illusion. You cannot seem to find it.


OR you may be at a crossroads and don't know which road to take. Which one will I be happy with? Which one does everyone else expect me to take? Do I even have a PURPOSE here?

The answer is YES. We DO. And I am here to help you find it, to guide you to fulfilment.

HOW you might ask?

Through messages from your higher self and your guides. Also by bringing your unconscious mind into light! 

"Fulfilment is the gateway that awakens the heart and soul." What does that mean? Begin listening to your guides, your higher self and begin your path to fulfillment! You will be amazed how much your heart and soul open to all. Watch how life becomes enjoyment instead of mundane, everyday tasks.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have a light so bright in your heart that it sets the fire of the earth and warms those that are cold? The nights that you are frozen and feel so lost are awoken and warmed. No longer are those frozen nights needed in your reality. You can ALWAYS have the warmth, the fire that encapsulates us all.

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Lauren is so gifted! She helps you open up spaces to heal that you didn't even know were there. Which facilitates growth and healing to live a more in-tune life!

Kimberly Guillot

Lafayette, LA

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