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Private Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions
Experience Deep Restorative Healing and/or Transforming Issues/Blockages/Patterns to Transform your life to find that happiness and fulfillment within and in your exterior world! 
Each healing session contains Deep Healing/Intuitive Reading 
Each Session is done online video via Zoom!
All sessions include 2 or more of the following:
  • Life Purpose or Direction- assists in finding your purpose
  • Messages from your Higher Self
  • Subconscious Revelations- Assists in navigating the subconscious to find why you do the things you do 
  • Breaking Patterns and Cycles
  • Emotion and Issue Release
  • Removing Blockages and/or Programming

  • Wounded Childhood Trauma Work

  • Healing Trauma

  • Connecting with Your Guides

  • Womb Work- assists with healing with parents and loved ones (sexual healing)

  • Akashic Record Work- used to find root causes for pains or issues and/or gain knowledge and understanding

  • Breaking Self-Sabotage

  • Spirit Animal Work- Working with your totems

  • & more


*One session can facilitate deep healing/ understanding/ and clarity but may need more than one session for deep wounds/issues. Deep wounds/issues may need to to be worked on in layers in order to process and integrate healing, and many times we as humans can only handle bits and pieces at a time. Therefore, it is to honour yourself by accepting the ways you process and integrate such deep work and healing.

**Distance Healing means that I spiritually guide the spiritual energy, while the recipient feels the physical benefits. Distance healing reaps the same benefits as an in-person session with the comforts of your own space.

Lauren is truly amazing! I always feel open and free after each session. She has guided me along my own path with love and light.

Celene Butler

Arvada, CO

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