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Emotion or Issue Release

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 If you feel stuck or want to go further in any aspect of your life, this is the session for you.

What is Emotional/Issue Release Therapy?

It is a therapy in which we identify the emotions affecting individual everyday life then release those stuffed emotional & mental energies or issues. By recognizing, understanding and releasing these build-ups, you can avoid getting yourself caught up in loops of the same issues over and over. Changing harmful emotional habits, and resolving emotional, mental & physical stresses pave the path for you to have harmonious lives & relationships.

While we go through life, many issues arise which are tests for our life lessons. Our jobs are to learn our lessons as they arise. One by one they come and if not dealt with, begin accumulating

How is it done?

The emotions are released by using an ancient Healing Technique. I will ask a series of questions relating to the issues or emotions being worked on to bring the issues to the surface. After examining the issues, I will use the ancient shamanic technique to clear the emotions or issues. Typically one session is all that is needed deepending how deep-seated the emotions or issues are, in which case a deeper issue may take a couple of sessions.

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