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MY GIFT TO YOU: ABUNDANCE PROGRAM ONLY $111 (about $15 per workshop)

This online 7 webinar program dives deep into your main blockages towards abundance. These blockages are from stress, negativity, fear, and old emotional wounds that block our path to abundance. 

So how do we manifest abundance and watch as it comes to fruition? In this program, we will play with multiple techniques to find the roots of why abundance is lacking and in what areas of our lives that abundance is lacking. Doesn't everyone need a kick start and guidance at times? 

Once those issues/answers come to surface and we have the knowledge, we then do techniques to let go and move on, releasing those blockages and moving forward towards even more abundance.

Abundance Journey- What you gather on this journey is more information about yourself, knowledge, clarity, and understanding whatever it is your soul wants to tell you. 
->Bringing Issues and Blockages to Surface
->Removing Blockages
->Teaching and Techniques

  • Allowing Giving & Receiving to flow so that we can accept from others and the universe and give back.

  • Breaking our repetitive Cycles/Patterns 

  • Letting go of Excuses

  • Stop Limitations from hindering our manifestations

  • How to bring in what our hearts desire for 2018

  • Letting go of blockages we inherited from our parents

  • Family Lineage and releasing what has been passed down from generation to generation

  • Postive Mindset Approach

  • & MORE

-> Create Abundance Alters (with a dab of shamanism)

--February Group: Beginning Feb 2nd-Feb 28, 2018


*Location: Online (zoom meeting)


Webinar 1- Feb 2nd @ 6-7:30pm MST (Notice Time Difference)
Webinar 2- Feb 7th @ 6:30-7:30pm MST
Webinar 3- Feb 11th @ 6:30-7:30pm MST
Webinar 4- Feb 13th @ 6:30-7:30pm MST
Webinar 5- Feb 21st @ 6:30-7:30pm MST
Webinar 6- Feb 26th @ 6:30-7:30pm MST
Webinar 7- Feb 28th @ 6-7:30pm MST (Notice Time Difference)

Program price of $111
*payment plan options available




I have been guided to create this program on abundance so that more people can experience abundance such as I have. I have worked on abundance and am now truly experiencing the outcomes such as:
-Truly having the love I cherish and want in my life and the support of the people that mean the most to me.

-Being healthy when in the past I was diagnosed with Mitochondrial disease and relied 24/7 on caffeine or stimulants to stay awake and now not relying on anything and have no issues.

-Having the ability to choose the work my heart desires instead of having to suffer through jobs i despise to financially survive.

-Traveling around the world for learning, experiencing, growing, and working without fear or financial burdens. ( I am also going to the UK for 2 months in 2018. Ticket Purchased and financially in good standing)

I wish to bring this abundance to you. I wish to show you that you too can have this if you choose.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: EMAIL or text or call Lauren Egle at 337-962-5069!

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