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4 Session Body, Mind, Spirit Challenge

Are there areas in your life that you want to CHANGE, but don't know where to start or have the techniques/understanding on how to do so? 


Are you ready to learn how YOU can work on your issues at home and use these techniques for the rest of your Life?

This individualized or group program teaches you the tools and techniques to do at home to  to your journey and needs.

1 session is 1 hour long via in person or online video and each session is once per week totalling 4 sessions.


IN BETWEEN SESSIONS: Time to put these techniques learned at each session into action and hone in on those skills. Between those weeks, any questions you have in regards to anything we have learned will be answered per email.

WARNING: This program CAN change your life for your highest good. Join if you are ready to take that next step:)


For more information about the program, call, text, or email me.


  • Facing Fear and Conquering It

  • Connecting the Body, Mind, and Heart to Heal

  • Let Go of Stress Techniques, to Have More Energy Throughout the Day 

  • How to Tune into What Your Body is Telling You

  • Learning the 4 Bodies (Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual) and How to Use this in Your Growth and Healing Process

  • Releasing Emotions with Breathing Techniques

  • Blessing your Food and How it Affects YOU

  • Letting Go of Burdens (yours and others) and Setting Boundaries

  • Self-Protection

  • Stepping Into Your Power (Feeling Confident), Not Just Pretending

  • Guided Meditations: Finding Inner Self

  • How to Decipher What your Subconscious is Trying to Tell You

  • Balancing your Masculine Side (Direct with what You Want, Standing your Ground, Saying no) and Feminine Side (Self-expression, Creativeness, Go with the Flow) Sides

Lauren is truly amazing! I always feel open and free after each session. She has guided me along my own path with love and light.

Celene Butler

Arvada, CO

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