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Monthly Meetup:

Empaths and Intuitives

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Photo Credit: Calling All Angels

The 3rd Thursday of every month! Bring your lunch and drop-in for a spirited discussion! This is an open discussion group and I will provide discussion topics:)


Being empathic can be a very rocky road to walk. It can be overwhelming and frustrating at times. Learning to trust and use your empathic and intuitive gifts can make having these gifts more manageable. Sometimes it helps just to have a place to feel safe to talk about things! This is a free drop-in discussion group for all empaths and intuitives who would like to meet others who are going through similar things and who would like to understand, learn & grow as an empath or an intuitive.


This is a monthly, drop-in event. Feel free to bring your brown bag lunch! We always have coffee and tea and light snacks! There is no charge for this event, but we ask you to consider making a small contribution to help defray costs. Suggested contribution is $5 at the door.


Calling All Angels, Metaphysical Shop

6565 W Jewell Avenue #2
Lakewood, CO 80232

Upcoming Meetups: The 3rd Thursday of every month!

July 18th, 2019

Aug 15th, 2019

September 19, 2019

and so on:)

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