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Want to CHANGE your life for the better but the changes never stick? Are you ready to see yourself grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually in just 33 days and watch as the changes take hold in your life, the old habits tossed away, and the new you emerges like a butterfly from the cocoon? IT’S TIME TO TAKE BACK YOUR POWER! AND DO THIS WITHOUT LEAVING HOME!!


I am offering a 33 day intensive ONLINE ANGELIC LIGHT MENTORSHIP PROGRAM that will transform your very being. This program is VERY POWERFUL and accessible to EVERYONE who is ready and willing to learn and GROW!


This program offers:

--Once a Week 45min Enlightening, Balancing, & Healing Sessions

--Personal Guidance of the Day

--Daily Insights on What is Going With You Personally

--Breaking Old Habits

--Journaling: Reflection of Thy Self

--Prayer: Offering up the heaviness and seeing what unfolds

--Deeper Understanding of Yourself

--Results: YES, YES & YES!!:)

--Understanding Your Dreams and What Your Subconscious is Telling You


HERE is the secret… being held accountable AND deeper insights, meanings, and healings that can help you understand WHY these habits began, and WHAT to do about them. A new you will emerge!


Call 337-962-5069 for more information or to sign up! Do not hesitate to ask any questions and the call is FREE!! <3

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