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Earth N Balance

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Heading 1

Spiritual Mentor

Peruvian Shaman

Earth N Balance

Heading 1

Erie, CO

Spiritual Healer

Teaches how to connect with Source/Spirit/God, techniques with different modalities for deep healing and growth, and spiritual expansion for overall spiritual healing/growth/


Learn How to Heal Yourself & Others

Erie, CO

Spiritual Healer

Experience deep Restorative Healing and/or Transforming Issues/ Blockages/ Patterns to Transform your your life and find that happiness and fulfillment within and in your outer world.

Individual Therapeutic Healing Sessions

Erie, CO

Spiritual Healer

This package dives deep into past traumas assisting in release and breaking patterns in your life that are still affecting you today from these past traumas. Experience your healing process step by step and see the results as we progress in the healing.

Healing Past Traumas Package



Lauren is a healer who brings deep, powerful, and long-lasting changes to subconscious patterning. I feel like I had emotional and spiritual surgery after she worked on me, as though something old, dark, and diseased was literally cut from my psyche. After sessions with Lauren, my formerly wounded sense of self has mended into a new, radiant, positive and healthy wholeness.

Lauren helped me identify root causes of ancestral patterning and connect many dots to pop into focus precisely what I need to see now. The ancestral encounter with my relative was a new experience for me. Lauren's approach is very different from other spirit mediums, in that she empowered ME to have direct contact with my ancestor and hear what he had to say. I don't know how she does it, but Lauren creates the space for the spirit to come, and for me to DIRECTLY encounter him or her.

If you are sick and tired of old patterns that seem to linger regardless of 12-step, self-help, therapies and other attempts to be liberated, I most highly recommend Lauren. She has skills unlike anyone I've ever met, and while I have no idea how she does what she does, she is absolutely effective in getting to the root of the problem. It may take a few sessions, but I am more than 100% satisfied. In fact, I am overjoyed I got help from Lauren, because at last I am feeling freedom from a destructive pattern I thought would never leave me this lifetime.

Sonya Shannon, Colorado Springs, CO

​Lauren is truly a wonderful, pure hearted, grounded, and dedicated healer. Whether you are getting a regular healing session from her, or taking one of her workshops, you will leave feeling refreshed, more informed, and with a clearer understanding of your purpose here. Although she will give you some extraordinarily magical insight, she does remind you to trust your own heart/intuition! She works hard, and with unadulterated loving intention, to help you push through your blocks with acceptance and forgiveness. Lauren creates a space in which you feel 100% safe in connecting with the spirit world, and 100% safe in getting honest with yourself to connect with your own being!

Faye Kovler, Boulder, CO

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